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Wek’èezhìı Renewable Resources Board

CircumArctic Rangifer Monitoring and Assessment Network

Contaminants and caribou

Beverly and Qaminirjuaq Caribou Management Board
Lynne Bereza
Communications Specialist

Photos for media use

These photos may be used freely with attribution.

Barren ground caribou. Photo: Dean Biggins / USFWS

Peary caribou on Bathurst Island. Photo: Paul Gierszewski

Wolf with caribou hindquarter. Photo: Denali NPS

A member of the Steese-Fortymile herd. Photo: Alfred Cook / CC-BY / flickr

Roads and industry can disturb caribou habitat. Photo: David Adamec / Wikimedia Commons

Caribou from the Bluenose East herd. Photo: John Nagy / GNWT

Photo: Boyan Tracz / GNWT

Barren-ground caribou. Photo: Anne Gunn / GNWT