Wekʼèezhìi Renewable Resources Board Takes On “Northern Caribou” Website

1 September 2021

The Wekʼèezhìi Renewable Resources Board  (WRRB) has taken over the running of a website dedicated to northern Caribou. The site (www.northerncaribou.ca) is dedicated to educating people about conservation of caribou in the north, including herds that stretch from Yukon to Nunatsiavut. It was started by Canadian Arctic Resources Committee, an NGO that is winding down.

“This makes sense for us to continue to run this site,” says Joseph Judas, chair of the WRRB. “Our board was one of the first supporters of the website, and it fits with our goal of educating people about the importance of the caribou to people in this region, and across the North.”

The site has support from other co-management boards, and is financially supported by grants from the Government of the Northwest Territories, and the federal government.

The site will continue to be a central place for news and research about caribou, and educational materials are also being developed.